About Vivi Skin Care Studio

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you acquire and maintain healthy, glowing skin by providing the safest and most effective skin care treatments. We promise to spoil you with high quality, innovative skin care products from Jean D'Arcel - the European leader in the cosmetics industry with more than 50 years of experience.

Vivi Skin Care’s philosophy - deeply therapeutic and restorative - targets not only the skin but also whole body wellness. Regular daily skin care regiment is essential to maintain the healthy condition of the epidermis and to enhance its function as a barrier and protection layer. Therefore, Vivi will guide you to the best products and procedures for your skin and body, all over a relaxing cup of tea.

About Vivian

Vivian Tonski Vivian Tonsky, owner of Vivi Skin Care Studio, was born in Eastern Europe and brings a European wellness approach to treating her clients. Her focus is on individualized care and genuine, lasting results taking cues from dermatology and paying close attention to advances in skin care research. Vivian believes that every client has a unique skin profile, personality, and lifestyle and their skin care regimen and treatment should reflect this. She enjoys creating customized beauty experiences for her clients at Vivi.

Vivian is a licensed Aesthetician in the state of California. She has also received training from Master Aestheticians in Europe and served as an apprentice to refine her skills. Vivian worked at leading spas in Oakland and San Francisco until she decided to better serve her clients by offering private skin care services and products at her own studio. She is a member in good standing of Associated Skin Care Professionals.